Our Services and Solutions

Licensed Penetration Testing

Our Penetration Testing Services team delivers network, application, wireless, and social engineering engagements to demonstrate the security level of your organization’s key systems and infrastructure. This simulation of real–world attack vectors documents actual risks posed to your company from the perspective of a motivated attacker.

Regulatory Compliance

Today’s global marketplace, banking organizations have greatly expanded the scope and complexity of their activities and face an ever changing and increasingly complex regulatory environment. Our compliance and regulatory frameworks encompass technology management and financial institutions compliance that can improve information security, governance, and security.

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

We offer both physical and cloud based backup systems for your organization. We can easily backup and restore your system so that your organization can avoid risk. We have many backup plans, both physical and digital for you to use and help manage the risk in your organization.

System Audits

Audits are always a result of some concern over the management of assets. The concerned party may be a regulatory agency, an asset owner, or any stakeholder in the operation of the systems environment, including systems managers themselves. That party will have an objective in commissioning the audit. The objective of an audit will determine its scope.

Microsoft Cloud Migrations

We allow migration of your organization to the fully featured Microsoft platform with ease. Since we are a trusted reseller and provider for Microsoft, we have the resources available to move you to the platform today. Our migrations are quick, efficient, and simple. Contact us today if you would like to migrate your database.

Staff Augmentation

Our IT staff augmentation team has expert knowledge in the tech industry and in your local job market to help you find the right IT professionals, whether you need them for just a few hours, a couple of months, or for the long term. With the flexibility to help organizations scale up or down depending on their workflow, we enable you to maximize your resources and leverage opportunities