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AABGM has provided cybersecurity training for hundreds of satisfied students in CEH, CND, CCISO, and LPT certifications. Please look below for more information about our successful, affordable, and comprehensive cybersecurity training.

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Our authorized training center has the resources you need to get valuable cybersecurity certifications.

CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker)

The certified ethical hacking certification gives you a deep understanding of how to assess weaknesses in network and computer systems through legitimate and lawful methods. The average salary for a starting CEH is $79,554.

CND (Certified Network Defender)

A certified network defender is responsible for administration of network security and preparedness. This lab-intensive course gives students hands-on knowledge on defending a companies network. The average starting salary for a CND is $65,721

   A certified licensed penetration tester requires that you demonstrate a mastery of understanding a networks security. An LPT is responsible for preparing, conducting, and reporting a successful penetration test so that a company knows where their vulnerabilities are. The average salary is $71,660

CCISO (Certified Chief Information Security Officer)

 The CCISO is a certification at the end of the training sequence and is aimed to create the high level information security professionals at the executive level. The average salary is for a CISO is $228,143


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